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  Task Management

Tracks the assignment of tasks across departments or commands to minimize the productivity costs associated with tracking work. Ensure employees get their work done on-time; routine or ad hoc.
  • Promote accountability and collaboration
  • Due dates with automated notifications
  • Provide a complete audit trail of tasks
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  Records Management

A fully-automated DoD 5015.02 certified Records Management solution that ensures electronic and physical records are administered based on your organization’s regulations and requirements.
  • Govern record lifecycles
  • Administer file plans
  • Automate disposition based on retention
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  FOIA and Privacy Act

Gives organizations the tools they need to process requests, assemble documents, redact sensitive info, and provides managers with powerful tracking dashboards and reports.
  • Track the request lifecycle
  • Engage citizens with public request forms
  • Comply with congressional requirements
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Software to manage the declassification process from start-to-finish, including redaction, review, notifications and more. Keeps a complete audit trail of every action in the system.
  • Provide security with DoD 5015.02 certification
  • Search by full-text and metadata
  • Redact, produce and deliver
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  Case Management

Highly versatile, packaged software designed to facilitate the case lifecycle – collecting, editing, and approving cases for submission. Add to that Dashboards and Reports for full accountability.
  • Collect from many sources
  • Collaborate organization wide
  • Provide real-time tracking and reporting
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Feith's E-Discovery solution handles all phases of the discovery lifecycle – capturing, approving, searching, redacting, tracking, revising, and accessing discoverables across the organization.
  • Find records with full-text and metadata search
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Facilitate collaboration
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Feith Systems proudly programs, manages, and supports our software entirely from within the USA.