Press Release: Feith Offers Assistance for the Presidential Memorandum on Managing Government Records


FORT WASHINGTON, PA – September 7, 2012 – On August 24, 2012, the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) and the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), issued the “Managing Government Records Directive“, ordered by President Obama in last November’s Presidential Memorandum. This Directive outlines the process to reform Records Management across all Federal Government Executive agencies, with a series of progress deadlines beginning November 2012, towards a goal of full compliance before the end of the decade.

Feith Systems & Software Inc., of Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, is announcing a plan to assist all Agencies in satisfying the challenges of the Directive with its RMA iQ 5015.2 Records Management application. RMA iQ stores and manages all relevant records, including electronic documents such as files from local or network drives, email, and Microsoft SharePoint®, as well as scanned and OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) paper documents. With RMA iQ, agencies can capture, categorize, review, create disposition schedules, and transfer records to NARA, including all metadata and attachments.

With Executive Agency email volume in the millions of emails per day, one of the Directive’s key assessments is current procedures are just not suitable for this magnitude of email records management. Feith is already well-established as a solutions leader in helping manage emails – such as from mail servers, Microsoft Outlook®, and Google Gmail™ – as records through automation, with installations at some of the most advanced Federal Agencies. Additionally, Analyze iQ, Feith’s next generation auto-categorization and classification tool, will automate decisions from email or existing file-share according to the agency’s General Record Schedule (GRS) as applied to the file plan.

Feith can also offer both in-house local storage, or cloud-based solutionsas encouraged by the Directive. Feith has long been a leader in the cloud revolution, having run cloud and ASP (Application Service Provider) solutions for over a decade.

RMA iQ is certified DoD 5015.02, the main standard of the Federal Government, considered the benchmark for organizations that manage classified documents. This also includes accreditation for the Privacy Act, e-FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), and top secret object management. Some of the most advanced Federal agencies already utilize Feith’s RMA iQ solution.

Feith offers free webinars which discuss Records Management issues, including how agencies can satisfy the Directive and meet its deadlines. The webinars can be registered for at

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Don Feith, President
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