Press Release: Feith Systems President Don Feith’s Message on the Managing Government Records Directive


Message from President Don Feith on the NARA/OMB Directive on Managing Government Records

FORT WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA, August 30, 2012 — Last week, NARA and the OMB released the “Managing Government Records Directive”, as ordered by President Obama in November’s Presidential Memorandum for Managing Government Records. This Directive, for Heads of Executive Departments & Agencies, aims to reform Records Management across all agencies, introducing electronic archiving and management, automation, and cloud storage wherever possible. Among several goals this Directive aims to achieve are to help agencies minimize costs, operate more efficiently, keep better track of key records information, maximize records security, improve the environment by reducing paper waste, and create jobs.

“Records are the foundation of open government, supporting the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration. Well-managed records can be used to assess the impact of programs, to improve business processes, and to share knowledge across the Government. Records protect the rights and interests of people, and hold officials accountable for their actions. Permanent records document our nation’s history,” states the Directive, a declaration with which we agree.

The Directive sets forth a series of deadlines starting as soon as this November, with full compliance before the end of the decade. By November 15, 2012, each agency must name its Senior Agency Official who will oversee his or her agency’s compliance with the Directive. By December 31, 2019, all permanent electronic records in Federal agencies must be managed electronically. In between are numerous deadlines marking each step of the process.

That’s where Feith Systems comes in. Feith’s RMA iQ DoD 5015.2 secure Records Management offers agencies the flexibility to electronically and more productively store and manage all relevant records, including secure and classified. This includes scanned and OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) paper documents – so agencies can transition from paper-based records management to electronic records management as directed – and electronic documents including computer files from local or network drives and email from mail servers, Microsoft Outlook®, or Gmail. Additionally, Feith is able to aid Agencies in streamlining the process with Analyze iQ, next-generation auto-categorization that will make automated decisions in accordance with the rules of your organization, concerning structured or unstructured data such as emails or documents on your file-share.

Feith can also help agencies satisfy the Directive’s requirements with solutions that offer at-agency local storage or the ability to run in the cloud with auto-backups across the country. And Feith has long been a leader in the cloud revolution, having run cloud and ASP solutions for records management for well over a decade.

While the task of preparing to overhaul the Government’s Records Management landscape may seem daunting, an experienced company like Feith is positioned perfectly to assist you with satisfying and complying with the mandate. Feith’s track record of optimizing the archiving and management of secure and classified digital records is extensive, with several of the most advanced agencies already utilizing Feith’s DoD 5015.2 V3-conformant Records Management application solution. DoD 5015.2 is the main standard of the Federal Government, a distinct certification considered the benchmark for organizations that manage classified documents, which includes the latest accreditation for the Privacy Act and e-FOIA (Freedom of Information Act).

For agencies across the board, the clock is already ticking. To find out how to swiftly and seamlessly join the President’s Records Management digital future, please contact Feith Systems at (215) 646-8000 and

Don Feith
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Feith Systems and Software, Inc.

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