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RMA iQ – Records Management Software


Feith’s EDRMS solution, RMA iQ, is a fully-integrated and fully-automated records and document management solution that ensures both electronic and physical records are acquired, administered, and disposed of based on your organization’s requirements.

A leader in the EDRMS, ECM & BPM industry for over three decades, Feith understands the intersection of modern electronic content with automated Records Management from acquisition to disposition.

46% of organizations surveyed reported considerable financial impact, from fines, damages and costs, due to inadequate records disposition.

AIIM, Survey on Information Governance – records, risks and retention

Serious Records Management Software

  • Handle collection, indexing, archival, and disposal of electronic records.
  • Access the application in both browser-based and server configurations.
  • Integrate with applications like SharePoint, JD Edwards, and SAP.
  • Utilize Feith’s Mail iQ to comply with SEC rules on message storage.
  • Examine archived messages and audit retention system.

DoD 5015.2 Records Management

Including heightened security requirements, Feith is fully Department of Defense 5015.2 certified. The DoD standard – a test of nearly 150 rigorous requirements – is considered the security benchmark for organizations that manage sensitive documents. RMA iQ also includes compliance for FOIA/PA, SEC Rule 17a-4 and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Feith has always been on the the leading edge in Security and Compliance. Feith is your most honored option for records management software. You may not be required to be DoD secure, but it’s comforting to know you are.


RMA iQ Simplicity: Why It Works

  • Archive paper and electronic files with ease.
  • Capture and manage documents, email, and attachments
  • Categorize by process route, retention schedule, and security.
  • Schedule how and when a record should be disposed of.
  • Associate records of any type – including email – with searchable data.
  • ‘Legal Holds’ to prevent deletion in event of litigation or audit.
  • Track user, time, and action information, in central audit list.

“92% of respondents at firms with information governance strategies rate their company’s ability to provide access to critical business information when it is needed as good or very good, compared with only 57% of companies that do not have governance strategies in place. ”

The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Future of Enterprise Information Governance Survey

RMA iQ Features include:

  • Administration based on defined rules, roles, & time-based workflows
  • Time- and Event-driven retention and disposition scheduling
  • Auto-categorization of any content
  • Structured and unstructured content searches of any type
  • Tailored interfaces to meet specific user community needs
  • Seamless integration with SharePoint and other critical applications
  • Real-time KPI Dashboards reporting
  • Federated content searches
  • Set access privileges by file or user, to protect sensitive data.

Why RMA from Feith?

The fact is, unless your RMA solution is backed by a dynamic, integrated workflow and BPM, you won’t have the flexibility required for effective records management.
Discover how only an established, full-service business process company can create a successful, flexible RMA solution, complete with security, true automation, and lifecycle-long administration.
Tailor the entire records management process to your rules, your industry regulations, and your retention schedules. With RMA iQ you can use a single vendor to manage all data, paper and electronic.

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