Rapid Form Creation
Web Forms on the Fly

Forms in 60 Seconds

What if you could eliminate the creation, distribution, and manual processing of paper forms? What if you could create forms in under a minute without any HTML knowledge or IT assistance, and even utilize form submissions to initiate business processes?

With Forms iQ you can present customized forms that effortlessly capture information from internal or public users. It’s a powerful forms-to-workflow creator, integrated with the entire Feith platform.

Forms iQ allows you to easily create web forms that integrate natively with your document repository, and business processes.

Forms iQ gives your users a tailored, simple front-end, while gathering information to direct your workflow.

  • Point-and-click creation tools mean no HTML coding is ever required.
  • Integrate globally with software based on all the common standards.
  • Submit with secure digital signatures, ensuring data integrity.
  • Craft a signed transaction record that satisfies compliance requirements.
  • Forms iQ can output to your exact formatting standards.
  • Integrated with Document Database.
  • Managed as a record in Feith’s RMA iQ.

Rapid Application Development

Forms IQ does more than replicate your paper process. It’s a rapid application development tool, in conjunction with Worklfow, it allows your SMEs to build complete web applications quickly and without the need to pester IT. Feith customers report that the speed provided by Forms iQ and Workflow is a major competitive advantage.

Forms iQ Simplicity: Why It Works

  • Eliminate paperwork chores by automating corporate forms.
  • Incorporate intelligence with database validations and calculations.
  • Connect easily to back-end databases and third-party applications.
  • Kick-off business processes and workflows at form submission.
  • Lead users to success by customizing options and permissions.


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