Email Management
Smart Email Record Management Software

With Mail iQ, you have the ability to categorize and manage a nearly unlimited amount of email and attachments. You can alleviate the burden of retrieving messages from your IT and legal departments, manage content archives with a centralized retrieval tool, and identify and isolate specific documents for discovery or historical record with unlimited search capacity.

Mail iQ Simplicity… Why It Works

  • Automated records management; keep what you have to, destroy what you don’t
  • Every email is assigned a ‘digital fingerprint’, locking its information
  • “Watch-For” keywords to keep tabs on your organization
  • Track, access, and search all results and actions with audit logging
  • Export results to PDF, PST, NSF, or MSG files, or for high-volume printing

“At first sight, legal compliance would seem to be the major driver for taking better control of emails.
However . . . ROI from efficiency improvement is a genuine justification.”

AIIM Industry Watch: Email Management, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Beyond Email Archiving

With increasing – and increasingly complex – compliance standards, the specter of litigation, and the costs of discovery, ensuring retention of regulated information has become essential.

Thankfully, Feith’s email management solution, Mail iQ, can reduce your costs and increase your accuracy when preserving and retrieving electronic information.

With one robust support program for managing your entire communication life-cycle, you can manage all email, SMS/text, social media communications, and more, from creation and retention through auditing, retrieval, and deletion, including “legal hold and freeze” requirements.

Less than 10 percent of respondents to an industry survey claim they are “very confident” that “emails relating to document commitments and obligations . . . are recorded, complete, and retrievable.”

AIIM Industry Watch: Email Management, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Compatible Across Platforms

Your choice of Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, and supported platforms including Linux, Windows, HP-UX, and Solaris.

Email platform support includes Exchange, Gmail, iMail, Exim, Sendmail, Postfix, MailEnable, and any email server which provides envelope journaling functionality.

Making eDiscovery Easy

  • A powerful, efficient search-and-document production engine.
  • Filter results through full-text search and analysis capabilities.
  • Effortless compliance with e-discovery and court orders.
  • Retain, manage, and dispose of communications by regulation.
  • Ensure record integrity and prevent tampering with digital fingerprint.


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