Document Management
Get value from your information assets

Your electronic information, documents, files, and emails stored centrally in one system, available for collaborative usage, searchable, available from any location, unerringly secure, but simply distributed. Your information come to life. That’s Feith.

When does information become valuable? When it can be combined, compared, and collaborated on. Graphed, searched, processed, and workflowed.

FeithDrive, our web document and information management application. Reach out to see it in action!


Complete Doc Controls

  • Find documents with full-text search.
  • Versioning for any stored document.
  • Collaborate with check-in/check-out.
  • Document-level metadata for simple recall.
  • Route documents for tasks and approvals.

Feith puts key documents at your fingertips, saving you time and money, and it eliminates the inefficiency resulting from manual processes. Capture & organize any document, then route it to a workflow, report on it, audit changes to it, secure it from prying eyes, or collaborate on it.

Capture, Manage, Deliver

  • Automatically index objects using character recognition.
  • Store critical objects in Feith’s tamper-proof mass storage server.
  • Create searchable notes on your stored objects.
  • Archive objects in customizable “File Cabinets”.
  • Search and retrieve objects based on one or multiple values you assign.
  • Control object access with customizable user-by-user permissions.
  • Categorize records by process route, retention schedule, and security.
  • Tracks user, time, and action, then writes to the audit trail.

The Feith suite manages content of any type throughout the breadth of your organization with miraculous ease, automating and streamlining your business processes.

User adoption requires simple UI. With FeithDrive, your users can drag and drop right from their desktop.


Extending and Securing your Data

With the Feith suite which integrates ECM & BPM, you have the ability to set access privileges at the object, file cabinet, or individual level so that only authorized users can access sensitive data, ensuring the integrity and safety of your confidential or proprietary data.

Seamlessly integrated with your existing, critical, and line-of-business systems, Feith simplifies and automates both critical and routine decision-making, maximizing the value of your existing investments.

Faster Processing
Improved Productivity
Decreased Dataloss
Easily Auditable


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