Low-Code Process Improvement

Build Apps Fast

Organizations today have more information than ever before.  Making sense of large volumes of content and complicated processes is a challenge.  Your staff likely has ideas for apps and business processes that would make life easier.  Unfortunately, many of the apps they need do not exist off the shelf.   Your organization needs a way to leverage technology to run more efficiently.

With Feith’s Low-Code Platform you can configure your own business applications. Visual drag-and-drop tools allow you to piece together apps from scratch and change them as your process and requirements change.   A clean, easy to understand user interface makes apps simple to use and adopt. With browser-based interfaces, what you create works on any device from the get-go, including mobile.  

As your business grows your business apps will too, because Feith’s low-code platform scales to meet your requirements. By integrating new processes with your existing systems, you can unite and give new value to your enterprise data.  Feith’s Low-Code toolkit comes out of the box with hundreds of pre-existing connectors and API’s built into the platform.  For those integrations that are not included, creating the connection yourself is as easy as using our visual builder to point and click one system to the next.  All this can be done with very little code, often without any code at all.

Process Automation and Structure

Feith’s Workflow IQ adds structure to day-to-day operations, while tracking and assigning user actions across systems.  Processes are created and configured with a drag and drop builder, and then they’re ready to go, without programming or complex IT work.  With Feith, even complicated and high-volume activities can be automated by end users and SMEs without IT involvement. Feith allows you to make completing repetitive tasks easier, or automate them altogether, so that your employees can focus on the mission.  The pressure to be consistent is now on a machine instead of a human, removing the risk of error.

Feith’s collaboration tools allow users to work together and stay in the know.   Global businesses will no longer lose valuable productivity just because their employees are not in the same place.  With Feith, employees can work together on structured processes, share documents, assign tasks to each other, share analytics, leave notes, work together on cases, and receive notifications based on their colleague’s work.


You have great ideas for apps to help modernize your business processes.  When you can’t find off-the-shelf software to meet your team’s needs, turn your ideas into reality with Feith.  Point-and-click to create exactly what your business needs, in hours instead of months.