Travel & Expenses

Little Time, Little Expense

Whether your organization calls it Time & Expense, Travel & Entertainment, or some combination thereof, properly administering T&E to guarantee that reimbursements are generated accurately and in a timely manner is a process that can often slow down your efficiency and result in overpayments, underpayments, and headaches.

Feith can seamlessly integrate and automate T&E, making the employee payables process more efficient and cost effective. Not only can automation cut T&E processing time in half, it fosters stronger internal controls, prevents employee abuse of your policy, and helps you avoid Sarbanes-Oxley compliance issues.

Feith’s suite works to optimize T&E reporting and management with:

  • Workflow automating the entire T&E process, including straightforward, hands-off exception notification.
  • User-friendly web forms that make submission of T&E reporting quick, effortless, and always accurate.
  • A robust Document Database to store all objects – physical and electronic – related to T&E expense for simple indexing and rapid query search.
  • Records Management that manages all T&E records with DoD 5015.2 security and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

What’s In It For You

A vital task within accounts payable, and often within human resources, T&E automation is a underrated goal that not only improves efficiency and precision within HR and A/P departments, but will show overall improvement and speed to organization-wide workflows.

  • Save time and effort by implementing rapid application/rapid adoption workflow systems for T&E.
  • Extend the life and value of existing A/P applications, meeting end-user demands while using minimal resources.
  • Score quick wins at user pain points with a right-sized, right-priced vendor.
  • Simplify form submission, resulting in complete and accurate information every time.
  • Automate lifecycle management across departments and across the enterprise.
  • Accommodate organizational change and restructuring with minimal effort and little need for help from your IT.
  • Create a common user-and-database interface, independent of line-of-business application constraints

We understand the importance of increasing and enhancing your process flexibility and managing your workflows with uncomplicated customization and automation. These cutting-edge solutions are seamlessly integrated to make T&E more simple and functional than ever, letting you concentrate on other vital activities.

Find out how implementing Feith’s industry-leading solutions results in increases in efficiency, accuracy, and ROI… and maybe even get you rewarded with some personal T&E time.