Legal Services & Discovery

Feith Document Management for Legal Services manages all phases of the document and content lifecycle: creating, approving, organizing, searching, storing, tracking, revising, and accessing documents throughout the firm.


This enterprise-wide solution enables law firms of all sizes to create a high level of operational efficiency, achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, and facilitate business collaboration firm-wide.

Capture and combine different document types to create a full-text-searchable, complete case file that includes:

  • Email with attachments
  • Scanned or faxed images
  • Office files
  • PDFs

With the Feith platform, you have the ability to set access privileges at the object, file cabinet, or individual level so that only authorized users can access sensitive data, ensuring the integrity and safety of your confidential or proprietary data.

Bates Stamping

Useful for documents used in litigation, since the FDD Bates Stamper assigns a sequential unique identifier or date/time stamp onto every electronic document.

The FDD Bates Stamper reduces your costs associated with litigation discovery.

Litigation Support

Feith offers scanning services. Documents are full-text indexed via OCR.

Documents can be viewed via WebFDD (Feith database information in a browser), and FDD-To-Go lets you take a standalone version of FDD to court. You have all your documents at your fingertips. Security is assured at all levels.


FDD stores and full-text indexes all of your contracts. Digital Signatures let multiple people sign a multi-page contract.

They are assured through electronic signature verification the contract has not been altered. Version control is useful during the development of contracts.

Corporate Papers

Protect your important papers by putting them into our fully audited document database. 
Then your standard computer backups will guarantee their survival from fire or other catastrophe. FDD also supports storage in the cloud, from multiple locations.