Oracle Financials Integration

Feith Integration with Oracle Financials

Feith Systems is a Certified Member of the Oracle Partner Network, to image-enable with Oracle Financials and Oracle e-Business Suite, as well as Oracle Applications from PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel.

Feith Document Database (FDD) provides seamless integration allowing Oracle Applications to be “image-enabled”. Feith Oracle integration gives users aseamless interface to a best-in-class imaging system and the advantages of superior financial applications. FDD is scalable from departmental applications to enterprise-wide use, facilitating easy growth to meet the changing needs of businesses.

Additionally, Feith’s BridgeLogiQ BPM Suite delivers versatile, user-friendly business process management in one integrated solution, and can be built on top of your Oracle database.

Benefits of Using FDD with Oracle Financials

  • Immediate retrieval, viewing and printing of images while accessing the Oracle application.
  • On-line archiving and retrieval of important Oracle Applications reports.
  • Reduced storage, shipment, and handling costs.
  • User-defined file cabinet structure, including keywords for storage and fast retrieval of images.
  • Stand-alone access to full FDD capabilities.

Additional Advantages for Oracle Applications Users

  • Easy, affordable installation and user training.
  • Easy growth to meet expanding company needs.
  • Cost reductions and productivity gains from better document management.
  • Ensured investment protection through use of industry-standard hardware and software.
  • Your choice of Oracle environment without affecting upgrades or patches.
  • Compliance solutions for SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and many other regulatory requirements.

FDD and Oracle Accounts Payable

The Oracle Zoom capability is used to image-enable selected forms, block by block. The user selects a record in the Oracle Accounts Payable form and clicks a button on the block to retrieve images. Information from the block is provided via a DDE interface to the FDD system. FDD retrieves the requested information and displays the image(s).

Users may also archive reports produced by Oracle Accounts Payable. The user can specify in the report form that the report be sent to the “FDD COLD Printer.” The FDD COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) program compresses the report and stores it. A report may be retrieved on-line using report title, report date, request number and, if appropriate, user name.

FDD and Oracle e-Business Suite

Documents associated with financials, human resources, contracts, order management, supply chain, manufacturing and other business processes adds $100 to $1,000 per file drawer of unnecessary cost. With Feith Document Database and Oracle, customers can rapidly reduce those costs and add value to their business application investment. Document management provides enhanced business continuity, reliability, and flexibility to the most complete suite of applications on the market. In addition, Feith’s Records Management solution, fully integrated with its base product, speeds transactions, provides higher audit accountability, and reduces costs for Oracle E-Business Suite users. Oracle E-Business Suite generates bar-coded documents. Faxed or scanned images of bar-coded documents allow users to activate “show me the paper” within Oracle E-Business Suite application screens. The 100% web-based interface uses both browser and email clients for flexibility to meet unique design issues.

No hassle migration: Oracle 10.7 customers can reduce the cost and time of migration to the Oracle E-Business Suite by using Feith Workflow iQ, a powerful and non-programming workflow engine. Compatible with Oracle Workflow, Workflow iQ uses a wizard interface to manage departmental controls like vacations, sick days, or deadline variations. Audit trail functionality keeps track of the record throughout the entire process. Feith offers a live system for prospective users to remotely evaluate the capabilities of Workflow iQ.

Takeaway: Why Feith on Oracle?

  • Affordability: Gives more room to be competitive with Oracle Consulting & license fees.
  • Five Feith Clients: Windows, Browser, Acrobat, Instant Messenger, and Outlook support Workflow & Records Management.
  • Independent Demos: Feith can demo solutions via web or with laptops on site. Avoids firewall, security, distance and ADS issues.
  • Flexible and Responsive: Able to structure good business in very creative ways.

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