Feith EFM
Employee file management

Provide employees access to their HR files, in the browser or on the go

In HR, employees are your stakeholders. Providing them timely access to their own records is central to keeping them happy. Feith EFM allows your employees to view, upload and request access to their HR documents from one central application.

One simple management portal allows HR staff the way HR documents are shared with the organization


  •    Dedicated interfaces for every role
  •    Generate records from templates
  •     Integrated with your e-signatures
  •    Workflows and permissions informed by your HRIS.
  •    Multilingual support
  •    24/7 access to personnel files
  •     Complete SAML 2.0 support
  •    Your logos and labels make the solution as unique as your business.


    From quarterly reviews to health records, you can trust them in Feith EFM.

    Centralize personnel files

    Your employee files are spread across numerous document repositories and HRISs.

    Disconnected data silos increases the risk of missing and leaked records, and damages employee productivity.

    That’s why we developed Feith EFM.

    By integrating across all of your systems and locations, you provide transparency to the organization and protection from misuse.

    Ensure business continuity while supporting transparency. With audits and dashboards, you get a high-level view of what is happening.

    Add tailored workflows to ease the daily grind, by automating routine processes.

  • Employment applications
  • Offer & Acceptance letters
  • Compensation information
  • Performance evaluations
  • Letters of commendation & Awards
  • Disciplinary information
  • Medical / Controlled access data
  • Beneficiary information
  • Legal action complains
  • EEO/Affirmation action data
  • Separation / Leave information
  • Exit interview surveys

    Global support for your globalized workforce

    Your increasingly global workforce demands a solution that works just as well in Kuala Lumpur as it does in New York and London.

    With our unique architecture and granular security model, Feith can deliver consistent and compliant services around the globe.

    Support your global workforce with Feith for HR

    Feith EFM is available on-premises or in the cloud. By partnering with AWS, we provide high availability and automatic backups for total business continuity without the cost.

  •    FAST and Full Text Search

    Finding employee records has never been easier, or faster.  With full-text search, backed by the power of ElasticSearch, you can find documents by searching on both their metadata (e.g. employee ID) and contents.

  •    US Based Company

    Feith provides single-tenant software for regulated industries and government agencies throughout the US and beyond

  •    Flexible Security

    With granular security and permissions, our system can support regulations all over the globe

  •    Segregated Data

    One centralized system with unlimited de-centralized object storage servers: comply with local storage regulations

  •    DoD-Certified Records Management

    FEITH EFM includes the very same secure and trusted Records Management software that is implemented and used at many agencies across the US Government.  Build and deploy your customized file plans based on File or Employee Attributes to manage the cutoff, transfer or destruction of records as the records age.


    Users can view documents directly within the system, without having to download anything

    SaaS convenience with platform perks

    Employee File Management is a point solution backed by our enterprise document management software. Feith’s decades of experience in Human Resource File Management brings you best practices baked into our features. You have the freedom to customize your own Dashboards and Reports. Feith has a full suite of integrated paper solutions to help manage your backfile, and our nationally renowned Records Management Application will categorize, manage and purge your employee files according to your legal department’s rules.


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