Network Drive RMA
DoD 5015.02 Certified Records Management

Feith’s RMA iQ allows organizations to manage their network drives as records, extending the functionality of a normal network drive into a fully featured document and records management application, by tying unstructured documents to complete metadata.

If you’re storing your organization’s information in network drives, there are many well-known limits and risks. Using Feith’s Records Management application, you can remove those risks, while still allowing your normal users to continue working as they always have. What’s more, allow access at a distance, without providing network/VPN access, for simpler and safer collaboration.

The Network Drive Challenge

  • Difficulty demonstrating the authenticity or integrity of records.
  • Network drives don’t adequately maintain metadata.
  • Unwieldy management of unstructured files can lead to messy data silos.
  • Finding records is difficult and slow, creating risk and killing productivity.
  • Network drives don’t provide for adequate versioning tools.
  • Don’t fully track retention information.
  • Insecure file destruction.

The RMA iQ Solution

  • Complete retention and disposal rules.
  • Find documents, and even graphical scans, by their full-text content.
  • Reduce risk of discoverable documents in your file shares becoming relevant during e-discovery.
  • Fine-tuned access controls.
  • Authorized employees have a dashboard of which documents are ready to be destroyed.
  • Staff can review, update disposition dates, or destroy them quickly and easily.
  • Establish retention and disposition schedules to curb the unnecessary growth of your database.
  • Complete versioning options.
  • Full audit trail.
  • Security controls tied to your IDP.
  • Enforce consistent file naming, and folder structures.
  • De-duplification of records in the system.
  • Automatically categorize by folder location, document author, document content, or taxonomy.

Ease system adoption, by allowing slow-adoption users to continue working in network drive, while power users can work out of RMA iQ’s modern web client. RMA iQ provides a simple path from Network Drives to a full ECM, because you can stagger the transition, or continue using the network drives forever, and let RMA iQ manage them in place.

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we can help. Feith Systems has helped organizations of every size tackle their most challenging Records Management problems. Between our decades of electronic content experience, and our platform of cutting edge software, you’re in the right hands.

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