IT Modernization

IT Modernization is both an organization’s commitment to, and their strategy for, improving their IT architecture, resources, and culture. In determining your modernization strategy, you’ll need an experienced partner, with the ability to execute. For over 20 years, Feith Systems has supported the Federal Government, including the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, with developing successful IT Modernization strategies and programs.

Three big questions to ask when developing an IT Modernization strategy:

  • How can we provide Value?
  • How can we address Risks?
  • How can we improve IT Culture?


The best way to measure value is using tools that can demonstrably improve efficiency and effectiveness towards an organization’s mission. Using modern Business Process Management (BPM) software will allow you to automate and organize your internal processes in real time, to provide that value.

Feith Systems’ BPM Platform is the premiere workflow system for the Federal market, remaining a favorite for its stability, design and intuitiveness. BridgeLogiQ helps organizations identify where inefficiencies exist, and better understand the processes that support the organization’s mission. Using BPM techniques to leverage automation and identify inefficiencies, organizations like yours can provide savings across the enterprise, getting the ROI your modernization plan needs.


Modernization shouldn’t come at the cost of risk. Only using software from American vendors, that can meet the highest security and compliance requirements, is the only way that organizations can predictably mitigate their modernization risks.

Feith Systems understands the nature of today’s evolving threats, and puts organizations like yours in a better position to detect, react to, and prevent breaches and spillage. Feith Systems is one of only three companies that is certified at all levels of the DoD 5015.02-standard for General, Classified, FOIA/Privacy Act, and SharePoint records, and the only one which is all-USA based. This puts us in a unique position for organizations who take their records seriously. See our BridgeLogiQ – RMA IQ platform for more information on how we can help reduce risk at your organization.

A modernization strategy should consider when looking at risk:

  • Are you ready for new record handling requirements?
  • Are you ready for the coming changes in CAC requirements?
  • Do you have a complete audit trail with reliable metrics?
  • Do you have automated security “Watch-For” notifications, to keep us clued in?

Considering the cloud, but don’t know how to do it safely? Talk to us about how government agencies can take advantage of the cloud without the standard risks.


A large part of an IT Modernization strategy comes down to user buy-in. It’s easier to get user buy-in for new software by building on familiar user interfaces. Feith Systems’ software can work behind the scenes, relying on existing user interfaces, but beefing up automation with our background services. Where we introduce new software into the mix, we provide interfaces that are consistently designed to be as intuitive as possible.

By fully understanding the IT culture of the organization, your leadership can successfully integrate new processes and software into the organization. Based on our experience, successful organizations have an IT Modernization strategy that uses phased implementation and integrates minimal changes to user interfaces – we will provide the experience to help you get the adoption you need to succeed.

We can help

Developing an effective IT Modernization strategy requires leaders to ask what value modernization will bring to the organization, what risks are inherent with change, and how the culture of the organization will be impacted. Feith Systems has decades of experience in helping organizations develop IT Modernization strategies that leverage the latest software innovations with the best practices of the government and commercial sectors. Give us a call today, we can help.