Task Manager

Global Task Management Platform

At each step, Feith’s Task Management solution allows for transparent and trackable action delegation and related work milestones, with a full chain of custody of responsibility, driving accountability at each step of the process. With automated workflows to manage this process, each step in the process is fully auditable, defensible and secure.

Complete notifications keep Action Officers, Task Originators, et al., in the know and on top of both their internal and external activity suspense dates and individual responsibilities therein. Do Action Officers require extensions? Allow them to escalate their extension requests back out to the OPR and TO, routing effectively around roles. Additionally, with Feith combine Parallel, Serial, Group, and Individual task response processes, for maximum adaptability.

Tailored to You

As processes evolve over time, the integrated visual Workflow designer makes it simple for task templates and workflows to evolve, building on the experience of the staff who know those processes best. Plus, with Feith you can duplicate your tasks that recur regularly. With a single click, make a task recur Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly—no need to worry about routine tasks creating additional data entry effort.

Drive new templates from existing tasks, combining existing templates into new larger templates, sub-flow templates, or ad hoc processes. Feith’s foundation, built on the core Feith BridgeLogiQ technology, provides the flexibility to match even large agencies’ requirements, but with the prebuilt feature kit that will make tracking routine work simple.

Streamline your Tasks

With Feith, your process is not just defensible and formalized, but more streamlined than ever. Feith combines and routes efforts, from the task originator, down to the Offices of Primary and Collateral Responsibility, between their subsequent Action Officers and SMEs, back through approvals, and back out to the task originator for final review and close.