Federal Government

Modernizing Federal Technology

There is increasing pressure on the Federal Government to work more efficiently and save resources. Bringing your processes and content into the future will greatly assist in meeting your agency efficiency goals.  With Feith, an agency can champion digital transformation while keeping to the strictest security standards.

Build Efficiency

Drive inter- and intra-agency efficiency through Low-Code technology.

ATO Ready

Certified DoD-5015.02 for Classified, FIPS, NIST and FISMA compliant.

Compliant System

Simpler compliance for Federal rules, regulations, and executive orders.

Streamline Processes

Use Feith's market leading workflow engine to help you process cases and records efficiently.

Gain Insights On Operations

With Feith's dashboards and reports, you get a real-time view into the critical data needed to make crucial decisions.


Scale to tens of millions of records a day, on-premises or on FedRAMP GovCloud.

Capture and Control your Content

Feith is the class-leading Enterprise Content, Document Imaging, and Records Management platform designed with Government in mind. The best way to provide value for your organization is a single, integrated and rock-solid solution that incorporates key Content Services technologies: electronic content capture, records management, workflows, reporting, case management, task management, legacy integration, and evolving security. 

Each one of Feith’s technologies stands as a powerful tool alone, but they really shine as an integrated Enterprise suite. 

Support your user community by providing simple access to content. For wide user adoption, Feith has modeled our UI after consumer-grade file sharing interfaces. You get the simplicity your team wants, but with the functionality and flexibility required by the mission.

Government Digital Transformation

Outdated and paper based processes can weigh your organization down. With the need for digital transformation more relevant than ever, moving processes to modern platforms is necessary to ensure efficiency.

Feith is a fully-integrated and fully-automated Agency-grade information management platform that ensures electronic records and processes are administered based on your organization’s requirements.  Manage born-digital records, scans, email, network drives, legacy applications, SharePoint sites, and more, all in one secure place.  Extend your content with Case Management, Task Management, FOIA and more.

Built for Federal Government​

Automate processes and structure approval steps, through Feith’s completely integrated Workflow engine.

Visually track your critical data, and key performance indicators in clean, customizable graphs and reports 

Reduced IT overhead. Let Feith manage, service and monitor your COTS applications for you.

Auto-Categorizer solves the problem of data overload by leveraging the power of automated categorization / tagging.

A vendor dedicated to Government work, with cleared experienced personnel ready for whatever technical challenges you throw at them.

Disaster Recovery and Backup are simple and automated on Feith’s software, fine-tuned for AWS GovCloud.

Bridging data silos across large agencies​

Large agencies need to take control of their knowledge repositories.  That means making sure that documents and data aren’t scattered around the organization, uncontrolled, and difficult to access.

Feith makes it easy to bring your knowledge under control.  With a full suite of integration APIs and connectors, you can bridge the gaps between your knowledge repositories.  Now your content is secure, searchable, shareable, easy to distribute, and fully audited.