VIDEO: Using Geographical Dashboards in Records Management

VIDEO: Using Geographical Dashboards in Records Management

We will dig into how Feith Systems uses Geographical Dashboards and Lat/Long data to make sense of Documents and Records. 

Use any timestamp below to jump to that portion of the video! Introduction/Prerequisites – 0:00 Adding/Configuring a GeoMap Pod – 2:11 Adding hyperlinks to Pins – 4:28 Adding Custom Colors to GeoMaps – 5:12 Navigating/Searching in Maps – 7:01

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Richard Long

Richard Long

"This is an incredible software company with 40 years of pushing the envelope in information technology, and I couldn't be happier to be a part of it. If you have valuable information that is getting lost, is disorganized, separated into too many separate systems, or just isn't bringing value to your organization's mission, you should reach out to Feith." - Richard Long