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In November 2011, President Obama released the Presidential Memorandum for Managing Government Records, a mandate to reform Records Management processes across all Executive Departments. Plans for compliance were then submitted to the National Archives & Records Administration by each Federal Agency, and on August 24, 2012, NARA and the Office of Management and Budget completed followed by issuing its Managing Government Records Directive, on how all Federal Agencies will be required to reform and improve their Records Management policies and practices, and laying out a multi-year timeline.

Those are the facts. Now, what do you do about it?

Now, you turn to Feith Systems, an established leader in Records Management solutions for the Federal Government, and your resource for information and assistance. Let us show you how to maximize your Records Management productivity, leverage automation, shift the culture in your organization without sending a shock to your users, satisfy the directive, and reform your Records Management processes – even if you are not a Federal Agency, or even not in the Public sector – all while staying within budget.

Feith is perfectly positioned to assist you in improving your Records Management, whether you’re mandated to by the Directive or just mandated to by budget constraints. Our track record of optimizing the archiving and management of all records, including classified records, is second to none. Agencies across Washington already utilize Feith’s DoD 5015.2 V3 STD-conformant Records Management application. We can help you set a plan which allows you to reduce redundant efforts, minimize costs, and operate more efficiently. Feith offers the flexibility of both at-agency local storage and the ability to run in the cloud for managing all your records from paper, computer files, and email. And even if you’re not DoD regulated, it sure is nice to know your Records Management platform is.

Now is the time to turn to an expert. Contact us at 215-646-8000 or sales-team@feith.com to find out how Feith can help your agency swiftly and seamlessly join the President’s Records Management digital future.

Records Management Webinar Series

Feith Systems presents a series of free Records Management webinars that began after the President first issued the RM Reform Memorandum. This series covers topics from all angles of improving and reforming Records Management within your Agency or organization. In these webinars, Tom Edwards, LTC, USA (Ret), MBA, CLU, ChFC, Feith Federal Regional Manager, and the Feith Records Management Team outline, interpret, and simplify the President’s Memorandum, and discuss what it means for you and your agency – and what it means for your organization even if you are not in the Government space – and what you need to do to satisfy the Reform Directive. We have begun to show you how to begin to implement your plan once you have a layout in place, and how to do so through culture change and without disrupting your users.

The following is a selection of previous topics from the Feith Records Management Webinar Series. If you have interest in viewing materials or recordings from any of the sessions, please email us at webinar@feith.com.

  • How To Eat the Records Management Elephant:
    Implementing RMA with the Phased Approach
  • Managing Your Emails as Records with the Right Automation
  • Why Your Records Management System Fails You
  • BPM Solutions: Business Process Management, Records Management, and Task Management
  • Simple & Secure Records Management Solutions for Higher Education
  • Records Management without Culture Shock: How To Improve & Automate Your RMA without Disrupting Your Users
  • Heeding The Call for Records Management Reform: How The President’s Initiative Will Change How We Manage Records
  • Shifting the Records Management Culture in Your Organization: An RM Reform Survival Guide
  • Leveraging Automation for Records Management

Have questions about the Managing Government Records Directive? Want to know how someone can help you not only satisfy the mandate, but increase productivity and maximize efficiency with next-generation Records Management solutions, as well as help you change the culture inside your organization to ease reform? Contact Feith.


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