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Feith in the Government Cloud

Feith in the Government Cloud

We are proud to have partnered with Amazon Web Services to offer Feith in the Cloud, our SaaS environment available with all the security
and functionality you expect from Feith Systems.  We have always provided a class-leading Enterprise Content, Document Imaging and Records Management platform designed with Government in mind.  And now, by implementing Feith for SaaS through GovCloud or C2S on Amazon Web Services you will have access to our one-source solution without the need to install software on-site, patch, or update applications, purchase or support hardware, or perform nightly backups.

Feith in the Cloud includes:

  • Full access to the Feith platform
  • Full database and server support
  • Full system back-up
  • Hardware, storage and database
  • Disaster Recovery Services

AWS makes it easy for the IC to discover, purchase and deploy software packages and applications. 
Feith is one of the Independent Software Vendors that can list on AWS.  AWS makes it easy to procure services and deploy them.

AWS has contracted with the Intelligence Community through the “Commercial Cloud Services” vehicle (C2S), allowing AWS “over the fence” and into the IC.  GovCloud ensures that government customers are compliant with all applicable policies.

Cloud Computing for the US Intelligence Community

Amazon Web Services offers its full platform of services to the Intelligence Community, up to Secret U.S. security classification level.  The AWS Secret Region is assessed for security compliance under the Director of National Intelligence, Intelligence Community Directive and National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Compliance for the US Government

AWS GovCloud allows for government customers and partners to comply with multiple government security polies.  GovCloud addresses security and compliance issues faced by government agencies using the cloud.

Feith is dedicated to providing our entire platform through your browser.  That means you can run in the cloud without worrying about the costs or security implications of manual software installations and upgrades.  You’ll be able to perform tasks, review documents, search the archive and visualize all without installing a thing.

The best way to provide value for your organization is a single, integrated and rock-solid solution that incorporates key ECM technologies: electronic content capture, records management, workflows, reporting, case management, task management, legacy integration and evolving security.  While each of Feith’s technologies are powerful tools on their own, the integrated Enterprise suite is where everything
comes together.

Kris Pettie

Kris Pettie

Kris is Feith’s Principal Government Business Analyst who provides analysis, sales engineering, proposal development, oversight of compliance with government contracting, and records management policy expertise for Feith's Government Division. Kris brings over 15 years of experience in government management consulting and policy analysis. Kris is a contributor to Feith’s Records Management University and continually seeks out new ways to engage and empower Feith’s government customers.