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Dashboards and Reports

Make great decisions

Making the right decisions requires the right information, that’s why Feith includes Dashboards and Reporting software integrated closely with our entire platform.

By visualizing your organization’s vital workflow information, you get a real-time view of the critical data needed to make crucial decisions. Analyze your key performance indicators — in the local and external offices, floor, or warehouse — all in real time. Feith’s Dashboard software is unique in its ability to drill up or down, level-by-level, from the highest abstractions down to the raw data, so you can explore your key performance indicators in detail.

Real-time actionable data

Both accurate up-to-date and historical information are key to identifying trends, soft spots, and clogs in your processes, so you can make the split-second and long-term decisions that keep your organization productive. With Feith, create a variety of dashboards and reports to visualize the information underlying all of your processes.

  • Real-time performance data.
  • Filter graphs live by field or dates.
  • Graph from multiple databases.
  • Simple DIY designer tool.
  • Web-based dashboard interface.
  • Click to see the rows of data.
  • Keep the pulse on your workflows.

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Informed confidence

Make any single template dynamic by either scheduling it to run on a regular basis, or declaring triggers to email reports when specific conditions are met. Create your report schedules with any parameters, any frequency, and in any format you wish, distributing them via email automatically.

Feith picks up where applications like Crystal Reports fall short. Feith’s Reports IQ scheduler saves you time by eliminating the routine task of manually scheduling reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Then, the Template Creator will automatically generate and deliver the report via attachment or direct link based off your distribution specifications. You can even schedule the reports to print automatically or provide access through a secure web portal to maintain an audit trail.

Spend time analyzing trends, not compiling data