Document imaging
Getting past paperless, with integrated paper


Building to the future

Paper hasn’t gone away, and yet many organizations are caught buying software which won’t address their remaining paper processes. You can’t build the future if you neglect the present.

You know that digitizing your documents provides for efficiency, managerial oversight, and business continuity. You want to get to paperless. Feith’s Integrated Paper will get you there, without the extreme growing pains of other document management systems that neglect the transition phase.

Before fixing it

  • Paper documents are getting lost.
  • Documents aren’t searchable.
  • Workflow aren’t automated.
  • Processes aren’t auditable.
  • SMEs are busy doing clerical work.

With Feith

With Feith you have commonsense document management, with modern workflow automation, physical records management, and data visualization tools, you are in control of paper.

Getting to paperless

By utilizing Feith’s document imaging tools, you can conquer your organization’s most stubborn paper processes. With features like high-speed and personal scanning integration, OCR and text extraction, barcodes, automated indexing, full-text search, automatic document categorization, drag-and-drop organization, digital signing, and more – you’ll see why Feith is trusted by many of the world’s biggest names for digitizing their critical paper processes.

Distance working

Add secure file shares, and now your front-line workers can image and upload documents directly from their phones to the document repository. Then route those documents to your on-site employees with automated workflow, accelerating your process cycle.

Paper backlogs

Long paper backlogs? With Feith’s enterprise-grade indexing tools, outsource massive scan efforts, and then index directly into the Document Database. They’ll be available with complete metadata, full-text search, redactions, access controls, and more.

Treat paper like digital

Feith’s software is built on a centralized document repository, so scanned paper documents can be treated just like documents that began their life in digital. Entrust your imaging efforts to the only organization who understands the transition from paper to digital. One organization has the real-world experience you can trust, at the highest levels of the private and public sectors, with the platform to make it happen: Feith.

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