Forms IQ
Rapidly create Web forms on the fly

Forms in 60 seconds

What if you could eliminate the creation, distribution, and manual processing of paper forms? What if you could create forms in under a minute without any HTML knowledge or IT assistance, and even utilizing form submissions to initiate business processes?

With Feith, you can present customized forms that effortlessly capture information from internal or public users. A powerful forms-to-workflow creator integrated with the entire Feith platform.

Feith allows you to rapidly make forms that integrate with your document database and workflow processes.

Give your users a tailored and simple front-end, while gathering information to direct your workflows.

  • Point-and-click form creation means no HTML coding is required to make forms.
  • For developers, extend your forms as desired with easy to call APIs.
  • Submit with digital signatures and form checks, ensuring integrity and authenticity.
  • Keeps a list of form actions in the audit record, for strict compliance needs.
  • Flexibly allows advanced users to customize with CSS and Javascript.
  • Save copies of forms to the repository, and even export to PDF or reports.
  • Manage results as a record in Feith’s DoD-certified Records Management system.

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Hear how clients in your industry are using the Feith platform to tackle their most challenging records-based processes.

Rapid Application Development

Feith does more than replicate your paper process. With Feith’s rapid application development tool, in conjunction with worklfow, it allows your SMEs to build complete web applications quickly and without the need to pester IT. Feith customers report that the speed provided by Feith rapid forms and workflow creation provide a measurable competitive advantage.

Feith Forms Simplicity: Why It Works

  • Eliminate paperwork chores by automating form submission and delivery.
  • Incorporate intelligence into your forms with database validations and calculations.
  • Connect to external legacy databases and third-party apps to extend their life.
  • Automatically trigger tasks and workflows when a form submission is received.
  • Lead users to success, by formalizing best practices in your form options.