Work and Manage Cases Efficiently

Whether you are handling applications, FOIA requests, contracts — whatever your industry — you’ve run into this problem. You have to compile a document with information from many different areas of your organization.

When you need to collaborate

A single portal where people can contribute documents, edit, and add notes, and compile them into a PDF.

  • Subpoenas
  • Onboarding
  • Internal cases
  • Applications
  • Compliance
  • FoIA requests
  • Contracts
  • E-discovery

You’ve played the game — chasing down people from different departments, calling, reminding, begging them to email you their work. In spite of your efforts, the team is still battling to meet deadlines. What you have is a manual process.

83% of Case Management purchasers report a complete payback period of only 2 Years or Less.

“Broadening the Scope for Advanced Case Management”, AIIM


Trigger cases from anywhere.

  • Integrate with document database
  • Sync from Windows directories
  • Trigger cases from LOB systems
  • High-speed scanning capture
  • Add documents from web portal


Sharing and communication.

  • Share documents
  • Track document revisions
  • Send case files for  approval
  • Annotate the case or content
  • Create document redactions

Capture and combine different document types to create a searchable, complete case-file. Our case management software is a highly versatile, packaged solution, designed to facilitate the case lifecycle– collecting, editing and approving cases for submission. Add to that Dashboards and Reports for full accountability.

Read the

Hear how clients in your industry are using the Feith platform to tackle their most challenging records-based processes.


Live reporting on-demand.

  • Full oversight of all cases.
  • Visualize case dashboards.
  • Generate reports on any case.
  • Monitor work by users and groups.
  • Notify users of new reports.


Final approvals, create deliverables.

  • Store documents in case folders.
  • Approve cases for distribution.
  • Escalate cases for higher approval.
  • Route cases in tailored workflows.
  • Render a PDF of your case file.

Additionally, you have the ability to set access privileges at the object, file cabinet, or individual level so that only authorized users can access sensitive data, ensuring the integrity and safety of your confidential or proprietary data.

Countless ways to make your case

  • Redactions
  • Signatures
  • Content notes
  • Document notes
  • Temporary notes
  • Graphic notes
  • Highlighting
  • Bates stamping
  • Permissions on notes
  • Render PDFs and Tiffs
  • Download controls
  • Revision controls