Feith in the Cloud

We’ve partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide our popular platform entirely in a hardened Cloud SaaS environment, complete with sturdy web and client-server facilities on which to capture, manage, and deliver your company’s critical information. Achieve flexibility while significantly reducing overhead.

Have your system hosted on a single-tenant Virtual Private Cloud, and Feith will maintain the cloud infrastructure, back-ups, disaster recovery, and more. Feith is diligent in making sure that customer data is stored in a manner compliant with regional regulations (e.g. Safe Harbor). We account for the physical security, data encryption, auditing, penetration testing, and more, required to keep data safe in a highly-regulated environment.

  • One-source solution: By implementing Feith for SaaS, you no longer need to install software on site, patch, or update applications, purchase or support hardware, or perform nightly backups.
  • Simplicity: You have no need to hire DBAs, staff, or help desk personnel to manage your system because Feith integrates and monitors your applications for you.
  • Integration: Feith’s SaaS offering is able to quickly integrate with any Web, GUI or character-based application.
  • Content accessibility: You can store and retrieve any object using indexing values generated by other SaaS-hosted applications.

Full backups are generated daily, with any changes to the system logged transactionally, guaranteeing business continuity during disasters.

SaaS service 

  • Full database & server support
  • Full system back-up
  • Hardware, storage and database
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Full access to the Feith platform
  • Reduce IT burden
  • Automatically patch applications
  • Fully supported infrastructure
  • Complete nightly backups
  • Simpler integrations

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Disaster recovery and backup

Disaster Recovery and Backup are simple and automated on the AWS cloud—with reports of the systems’ latency, uptime, etc. available regularly and on-request. Disaster Recovery and back-ups are included in the cost of hosting the software solutions. This includes:

  • Pilot-light Disaster Recovery
  • Multi-region fail-over
  • Regular reports generated on latency and uptime
  • Yearly testing of the system

Pay flat-rate hosting, with little risk taken on your side — no added IT staff expenditures, no unexpected replacements of servers, no unexpected costs.