Agile Workflow For Higher Education

Bridging the gap between your document-centric processes and your Jenzabar applications.

Feith has teamed up with Jenzabar to offer colleges and universities a solution for managing paper, electronic, and business processes across the campus. As a long-time Jenzabar partner, Feith has continued to grow its presence in the higher education sector with many successful implementations within Jenzabar’s CX and EX customer base.

Feith delivers next-generation Document and Workflow solutions that bridge critical gaps between your documents, your processes, and your Jenzabar enterprise platform. In today’s highly competitive environment where Colleges and Universities are being asked to do more with less – less time, lessbudget, less personnel – Feith offers solutions that significantly increase productivity and efficiency by automating and improving document-intensive processes.

Designed to integrate with Jenzabar’s enterprise software systems, Feith may also be implemented across any campus in every department.

Jenzabar is committed to providing innovative products that facilitate good communication, create a more efficient workplace, and reduce costs. We are delighted to provide our customers with Feith’s industry-leading solution.” – Robert Maginn, Chairman & CEO, Jenzabar, Inc.

Why Choose Feith Integration with Jenzabar

Feith includes Workflow, Self-Service Forms, Document Management, and Full-Text Search functionality that addresses the complexity of educational transactions and inefficient manual routing processes found in offices across campus, including Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Services, Human Resources, Facilities, and more.

Feith provides integration capabilities that seamlessly connect our Document Repository and Workflow suite with Jenzabar’s CX, EX, JICS, and recently-introduced JX platforms.

Takeaway: Why Feith Jenzabar Integration

Jenzabar has partnered with Feith to bring a total document management solution to users of the Jenzabar enterprise platform. This integrated solution makes it easier than ever before to focus on your students instead of paperwork and routine processes.

Feith from Feith complements Jenzabar’s TCM offerings by providing the technology to electronically scan and archive documents in all departments across your institution, from student records to purchasing, financials to physical plant operations.

Records are tracked and retrieved quickly and easily, helping schools increase productivity, improve workflow, streamline administrative tasks, and reduce printing and storage expenses.