Records Management compliant SharePoint

Super-charge your SharePoint

Feith is ideal for “super-charging” your SharePoint environment, with a cohesive, single vendor solution that addresses known SharePoint challenges such as:

    • Comprehensive Records Management — Certified on the DoD 5015.2 v3 standard
    • Record Auto-Categorization
    • Legacy integration
    • Agile Workflow design and development
    • Web Form based multi-source data connectivity
    • Image capture, distribution, and life-cycle management
    • Simple version migrations for content and custom design and coding
    • Robust management Dashboards and Reporting
    • Freedom of Information Act management
    • Document Redaction
    • Digital content exporting and rendering
    • Sophisticated security access levels and permissions
    • Public self-service participation in capture and workflow processes
    • Engaging resources with intimate knowledge of the SharePoint programming tools
With the RMA iQ Records Management suite integrated with SharePoint, SharePoint documents may be passed to the RMA iQ Records Management suite for auto-categorization and secure storage in the RMA iQ repository. SharePoint users with appropriate permissions would receive a “link” to enable access to the document. Alternatively, RMA iQ may be implemented such that documents remain in SharePoint and are managed as Records through the robust RMA iQ Records Management suite via a “link”.

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In either case, RMA iQ will assist with identification, declaration, and categorization on a wholesale level. If organizations place the Records Management declaration and categorization mission on the SharePoint users, Feith RMA iQ provides the tools that make the process of identifying and preserving the SharePoint documents as easy as possible.

If collaboration for content creation within an easily-adopted, common user portal interface was your organization’s goal, then you have chosen SharePoint for its sweet spot. If you have ventured away from this core product competency, then Feith can expand your vision. Now, you can continue to take advantage of SharePoint’s user interface and significantly expand its utility.