Inside the Feith Platform

BridgeLogiQ by Feith delivers the most versatile, user-friendly Workflow and Records Management system in one integrated platform.

Now you can automate and manage critical business processes, without draining your IT resources and without falling back on programming knowledge. Its flexible design means that even the most complex processes are easily tamed. Your administrators will be able to restructure workflows, re-route objects, and redistribute user tasks on the fly.

Enterprise modernization

I really appreciate the extra effort to give us this solution with the final touches that I feel make the flow more understandable and cleaner. I really like the solution… I know it will save a lot of time.

Brian W., IT Analyst, Netflix

What is BridgeLogiQ?

An evolving marketplace requires a Business Process Management system that can evolve quickly and seamlessly. The core of everything Feith can do is integrated into BridgeLogiQ: powerful, agile, and versatile BPM & Document Management software.

From its web form, data capture and comprehensive document management, to its time-and-event-driven workflow and ironclad records management, BridgeLogiQ brings it all together.

No matter how intricate or complex the solution you require, BridgeLogiQ provides the workflow and object management tools your people and your organization need to manage workflow, data capture, user input, and records management across databases and existing legacy and line-of-business systems.

BridgeLogiQ is agile and fully-scalable, and integrates with any and all legacy ERP applications.

Enjoy seamless connectivity between your databases, forms, workflows, and records. BridgeLogiQ connects the divide between users and the information they need.

Security & Simplicity Come Standard

Ensure the integrity and safety of sensitive data. Right down to the object, file, and individual user level, BridgeLogiQ is completely customizable and configurable to meet your exact needs by locking down secure access to specific administrators, users, or groups.

And no level of security is enough if it’s cumbersome to manage. That’s why the ability to allow only the users you wish to have access to information is as simple as checking a box. BridgeLogiQ alleviates site security by removing paper from the equation.

No Programming Required

The unmatched ease of management, automation, and reporting of your critical business processes that BridgeLogiQ allows you to restructure workflow, reroute objects, redistribute user tasks, and more. Create vibrant applications without any programming knowledge, by yourself, without involving your IT Department.

BridgeLogiQ’s eases even the most complex and elaborate organizational processes. Streamlined workflows translate into enterprise-wide productivity and cost-efficiency.

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