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Feith Systems creates software and solutions to help organizations manage critical documents, data and business processes. Some of the nation’s – and the world’s – highest profile organizations are not just customers, but part of the Feith Development Community, playing an integral role to inform the direction of our products.

We don’t engineer in a vacuum. All Feith products were built in conjunction with organizations with critical document processes, and strict requirements. As a result, Feith provides the most serious, battle-tested, Commercial Off-The-Shelf software and solutions on the market.

Our Customer Community’s Expertise Is Passed Along To You In Every Program, Application And Solution We Create.

  • Almost 40 years of expertise in document, workflow, and records management.
  •  Development of tailored organization-wide and departmental solutions.
  •  Engineers, Developers and Project Managers who are experts in their fields.
  •  Full-service experience from one company, creating and supporting our software.

Leading on Modernization, since 1979.

Founded in 1979, Feith is committed to providing the most intuitive, versatile — and frankly the smartest — next-generation software for storing and managing documents and information on the market.

The product has lived up to that promise:
the class-leading Workflow, Classified Records Management, and Document Management platform.

Dedicated to pushing our clients forward; the platform integrates a profound set of forward-looking technologies into a single powerhouse engine.

Available alone, or as the foundation of one of our powerful off-the-shelf solutions, this set of tools extends everything we do with a winning combination of functionality.

We Remain A Private Company, So We Can Answer To You.

Find out why countless government agencies and Fortune 500 companies go to Feith Systems for their mission-critical work. Let’s talk about the systems and processes on your mind, we’d like to help.

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