Are your Repositories ready for GDPR?

Protect Data With Feith’s GDPR-ready Platform

In May 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. Even though the EU established this law, the regulation applies to nations at a global level because of how integrated markets are with the EU.

Data controllers need to make sure they’re collecting and managing an individual’s data in the right way using a technology that supports GDPR compliance. The system needs to provide complete life-cycle management over this information and allow for easy accessibility while also providing a high-level of security. 

There are Five Key Metrics To Ensuring A GDPR-ready Platform

    1. Data accessibility: It’s important that organizations can access and locate data across their entire enterprise
    2. Advanced search and analyses: System should provide full visibility across all data repositories, including email, files shares, SharePoint, social media, and more. It should search even the largest enterprise data environments using complex queries such as boolean, wildcard, proximity, and nested search. Advanced search and analyses functionalities help organizations better understand their structured and unstructured data.
    3. Data retention: All data needs to be retained in accordance with GDPR regulations. Companies must also know and recognize who they’re retaining information for; this knowledge is vital because individuals must consent to having their information collected.
    4. Centralized management: The solution should aggregate data in a single repository accessible by your enterprise data controllers.
    5. Lifecycle control: The technology should support complete lifecycle management and defensible disposition.

Feith’s GDPR-ready platform provides organizations with an accessible, secure, and manageable system for capturing, storing and cleansing PII and other GDPR-relevant data. Feith keeps track of when a user accesses, views, edits, or acts on a document or data record. Further, it gives executives and managers access to review audit logs, making it easy to obtain information as needed. Through a secure website, users may even deliver audit information to external auditors.

From development to post-launch support, the Feith remains highly secure and prevents outside parties from gaining entry. Personal data protection is essential for GDPR compliance, and Feith makes it easy to identify PII across the enterprise, automatically-categorize it, perform auto-redactions, and protect that data where it lives.

Feith also grants users with full control over managing their data system. The system automates complex processes which improve the entire workflow from document creation to record declaration, and through final disposition and removal. These management controls enable companies to track information about archived documents and view insights into their data with reporting dashboards. 

Avoiding GDPR violations starts with taking proactive measures to secure your enterprise repositories; Feith can help. To learn more about Feith’s GDPR-ready platform, contact our team of experts today!