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Protecting FCI and CUI – Federally Compliant Record Repository

Protecting FCI and CUI – Federally Compliant Record Repository

Protecting FCI and CUI – Federally Compliant Record Repository

Duration: 22 Minutes
Industry:  Government
Speaker:  Ray Davis

Conducting business with the government and its agencies comes with requirements.  The requirements to manage FCI and CUI are growing.  It started with the requirements of NIST 800-171 and has expanded to FAR 52.204-21 and FAR 4.7.  But the changes don’t stop there.  We’ll dive into the CMMC, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. This is a new certification that has eliminated the federal contractor self-assessments in favor of a 3rd Party Assessment to ensure your compliance.  Yes, you’re going to have to pass an assessment now!

Along with that we’ll discuss how to properly store your sensitive FCI and CUI. Storage isn’t a one-day thing.  You’ll need to manage the storage of your records through the entire information management lifecycle. Once you bring your records into the system, you’ll need to properly tag them and mark them so that only those people that should have access, does.  Yes, that’s a part of the regulatory requirements.

Do you know the difference between a single-tenant system and a multi-tenant system and just what does that mean to the access and security of your information?  We’ll delve into that as well.   By the end of the webinar you’ll be able to self-assess your ability to comply with the new regulations, the new certification, and decide whether it’s a challenge you want to accept on your own or engage with Feith Systems and Software to manage your FCI and CUI.

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Ray Davis

Ray Davis

Ray Davis has been a Records Management and Information Governance Professional for over 30 years. His background is in the Financial Services Industry where he has created programs from the ground up. Ray is the current Region Director for the ARMA Mid-Atlantic Region and has just completed his term as a Trustee for the ARMA International Educational Foundation. He also hosted his own radio/internet talk show, Inside The Records Room for 12 years. In his spare time, Ray likes to wreak havoc on the racquetball court and tries to keep his golf shots in the middle of the fairway.