23 Best Records Management Memes From Around the Web

23 Best Records Management Memes From Around the Web

23 Best Records Management Memes From Around the Web

Just some favorite RM and IG memes we’ve seen

23.  Just wait until you see them scan the prints back in

22.  Every office has a blockchain guy

21. Money Saving Strategies

20. Surprise, you actually did need it!

19. Unless they keep everything too…  Just sayin’.

18. Lord of the Records


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17. Honestly not the worst system we’ve ever seen

16. Frankly, most people are still catching up on GDPR

15. What if I told you Memes are records?

14. Clearly More is Better

13. Roughly 50% of the people we meet at ARMA

12. Drake has strong opinions on Information Governance

11. How much metadata is too much metadata?

10. The other 50% of people we meet at ARMA

9. Because ‘My 600 lb Hard Drive’ isn’t a show yet

8. If he actually wanted it, why give it to the RM?

7. Big Foot is terrible about indexing his documents

6. That record was Irreplaaaceable

5. Should’ve listened to your RM

4. At least he’s paying attention to IG

3. Waka waka

2. I find your lack of classifications disturbing.

1.  Remember Charlie, don’t forget the tale of the RM who got everything he ever wanted


Have some good RM or IG memes for me to add to the list?  Send them to rlong (at) feith.com


Bonus update!:

Special thanks to Katherine for sharing these.


Thank you for sharing these with us Michael.

Thank you, Carolyn.  These are great! 


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